Home Remodelling - Washington 2010

Replacing carpet with solid white oak

My wife and I love the look of hardwoods. We considered installing hickory, but had to think of the future a little. Not everyone appreciates the distinct character of hickory, so we went with relatively narrow solid white oak flooring. You don't know how much dust and grit you accumulate on a floor until you live with hardwood floors. Carpet hides a lot of dirt. The 120g aquarium had to be moved long enough to lay floor underneath during the process.

Downstairs, once finished.

Upstairs, once finished.

Stairs, always time consuming.

Each tread had to be custom milled
for the 1 1/2" edge.

We left the tile around the fireplace.

Replacing carpet in the bathrooms with heated tile

Our home in Washington was in a beautiful little area just off post. Unfortunately, most of the houses had been built hastily. They incorporated many features like linoleum in the bathrooms and laundry area that we weren't fond off. There's nothing inherently wrong with the product, but if you're going to go to the effort of including a nice trim package on the house and put cherry cabinets throughout, don't skimp on the flooring. Since we were already in the process of ripping up the flooring in a majority of the house, we thought we would learn how to lay tile. A valuable lesson learned here: Don't plan a tile job in the winter when you have to use a "wet" saw in an unheated garage so that you end up soaked and freezing.

We replaced carpet with heated tile in the
master bath. Yes, they put carpet in the
master bath!

We replaced linoleum with tile in the guest bath.

We put down tile in the laundry area.

Replacing the old mantel

The mantel that was originally built with the house was out of proportion with the fireplace and was painted white. I built a mantel from cherry to match the cabinetry in the house with inlaid panels and fluted columns of solid cherry.

My garage workspace

After my last deployment, I decided that it was time to dust off the woodworking tools I'd be collecting from a young age. I installed all of the cabinetry was was mostly pre-fab from the local box store. I did a lot of altering to the cabinetry to make some custom drawers, shelving, and corner cabinets. Being a bachelor for so long before getting married, I had to make myself at home since the only things of value I contributed to the house were tools that would end up in the newly remodelled workspace.

Some of my woodworking equipment

The electronics bench with dust-proof cabinets
for the more sensitive equipment.

A new garden shed

One drawback of our home was a lack of storage space. I guess that can be partially blamed on the tools taking up space in the garage. We decided to build a rather rustic garden shed to store some of our less sensitive items. It also gave me a chance to teach my nephew a little bit about carpentry while he was visiting.

10'wide x 8'deep x 6'tall shed. We kept it low
so that the neighbors wouldn't see it
over the fence.

The perimeter shelves are all adjustable.

It makes a nice storage space
for the camping gear.