Home Remodelling - Colorado

Basement remodel

With the woodworking/fabrication shop complete in 2015, we began planning out the basement remodel. The house was purchased with an unfinished basement. To expedite the remodel, we brought in a company to complete the project up to a "rough" finish. They took care of the framing, plumbing, electrical, and drywall. From there, it was our job to make their work look good.

We went into the remodel with engineering principles similar to how the shop was designed. We knew we wanted laundry, a work out room (which doubles as a bedroom for resale), a large lounge, and significant space for aquarium filtration equipment.

The lounge would be complete with cabinetry for a dry-bar, a large coral reef aquarium with a bar top around three sides of the peninsula, sitting areas, and a pool table. I brought out the 3D modeling software and starting drawing multiple options based on space availability and the major components we wanted to include.

Rendering ideas

Rendering ideas

View from the stairs


Aquarium filtraton room

Aquarium filtraton room

Framed hole for the aquarium

Drywall going up

Framed hole for the aquarium front side

Future sitting area around the aquarium

The aquarium was delivered

Rough backing on the stand for cabinetry to attach to

I made a jig for the wine rack assembly

Wine racks prepped

Dry bar base cabinets (doors not yet made)

Dry bar upper cabinets (doors not yet made)

Hundreds of feet of base, casing, panel molding, and crown molding

The first of many wainscoting panels

Cabinetry progress

Our garage as a temporary spray booth

Granite tops around the aquarium and dry bar areas

Bookmatched veneer panels on the aquarium stand

All columns in the room also have matching veneer panels

My first time doing masonry work.

I added an arched doorway which meant building a custom arched door

The room mostly complete before furnature arrived

The pool table fits the space well

There are some final details still to be completed at this point. I still need to build the "hood" over the aquarium which will be completed once I have completed the mechanical components and lighting. I will fabricate doors for the cabinetry and the hood once the aquarium has water running and the cycling period has begun on the reef.