Woodworking - Older Projects

A Country Gazebo

I was really young working with my father and his partner when we built this gazebo in Illinois.

A sun room with a lot of wood!

The owner used this room to showcase some of his hunting trophies. I believe the wood was Cedar.

An oak table with an interesting design


Decks were always a fun summer job. They go up quick and there's a lot to show for the money and time invested. I can't count the number we built over the years working with my father.

Custom Cabinetry

Illinois loves oak furniture! We had the opportunity to build quite a few display cases, bookshelf units, and other custom cabinetry over the years. Our furniture and built-in units were never light, but they were solid. I especially liked working with cabinetry that had radius openings. It added a lot of character to the piece and made the process more challenging.

Work Done in California

After graduating college in Illinois, I moved to California for a change of pace from the small town I had grown up in. I lived and worked just outside of Anaheim in Southern California. Here are a few of the projects I was able to take pictures of before they left the shop to be installed.

My Dream Library

Being with a larger company, I spent most of my time working in assembly. I rarely had the chance to go on the job site during installation. I managed to stop by the site for the installation of their library. I love books and have always dreamed of having a library to relax in at night to smoke a pipe and read Dostoevsky. This library was a long ways from completion when I took the pictures and the lighting wasn't optimal but it still gives a sense of what a beautiful space it was to be when complete.