Some Random Projects

No time for broken bones

I first broke my right foot not too long after high school while doing some roofing work with a friend. Even back then, I was too busy to be slowed down by something like a broken foot. I hobbled around my dad's wood shop making a temporary leg for myself so that I could have both hands free to work. When I was able to walk on my own again, my dad screwed the leg to the wall of the shop for safe-keeping.

Years later, I managed to damage the foot again while on a National Guard traning mission but ignored it for over a year. Then, while in Hawaii on a kayaking/snorkelling trip, I slipped on a rock which resulted in the foot being broken again properly. My dad mailed me my old leg as a joke, but it still fit and probably got more use this time than it had before. It has a spring-loaded articulating angle joint that makes movement a little bit easier. I think I need to work on patent rights. I might be on to something.

Furniture 101 in Iraq

On my last deployment I had the opportunity to work frequently with a young Iraqi around our compound. He was always trying to learn something new and was much more successful at learning English than I was at learning his language during my 9 month tour there. There was a lot to build around the compound in our "down" time between missions. One project I managed to grab pictures of was a set of Chaise Lounges. My helper broke a few of my bits while helping with the assembly process. It was his first time building anything and I think he was afraid he'd be fired for destroying my equipment. I wish I would have had more time to work with him. He was a quick learner.

Some patio furniture me and Abdulla built to enjoy the sun.

A small project to test out some new skills and tools

My wife bought me a dremel for my birthday and I had to find a project to test out the new tool. I also had been wanted to play around with bending and laminating wood. I built this menorah out of walnut and added an artistic element to it by attempting to make it look like it had been carved out of a tree. You can be the judge of how successful I was at creating a tree trunk with my dremel.